Barbetta's spectacular interior was decorated by owner Laura Maioglio. Ms. Maioglio, who received a degree magna cum laude in Art History from Bryn Mawr and who is a collector, used important 18th century Piemontese antiques to evoke a Piemontese palazzo of the 18th Century, the period in which Piemonte reached its artistic peak. Among these pieces the most notable is the great chandelier which hangs in Barbetta's main dining room, obtained from a palazzo in Torino which had belonged to the Savoys, Italy's royal family. Another very important piece is the harpsichord, signed Fabbri 1631, in the foyer of the restaurant.

Ms. Maioglio transformed Barbetta in 1962 to create the first elegant Italian restaurant in New York as a backdrop to the cuisine of Piemonte which Barbetta serves.

The interior of Barbetta has since been landmarked by the Locali Storici d'Italia and cannot be altered in any way.